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What is Attack Vector?

Attack Vector is my idea for a 'retro inspired single player space opera simulator'.

I am inspired by a number of older video games such as Escape Velocity, Sid Meier's Pirates, X-Wing, and Mount & Blade, as well as a few tabletop games such as A Call To Arms: Starfleet and Traveller.

In my vision for Attack Vector, the player would role play as an enterprising star pilot (most often a pirate or other ruthless individual), purchasing various spaceships and upgrading them to suit their needs. The player would travel between different star systems and choose how to interact with a number of warring factions.

About the project

I started the project in the Summer of 2020 during pandemic lockdown and ran a Wordpress blog as a way of keeping up to date with my tiny group of alpha play testers, who are mostly personal friends. Over time, I became frustrated with Wordpress, and decided to migrate the most important parts of that blog here.

Since starting the project I've learned a lot about game development. This is the latest in a long line of games I've started to make. So far, it's the farthest I've ever gotten into development on any sizable video game project.

How can I get involved?

I welcome questions and comments. You can get in touch via this site or join our discord server. Development on the game is sporadic, and there is no planned release date, but I am always more motivated to work by genuine interest. Thanks so much for checking out Attack Vector.

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